At Sapienza Finance, we arrange a wide variety of loans and offer many services using our deep pool of established lenders, including those that are strictly available through a broker.

We do more than just help you secure loans. We appreciate that dealing with the banks can be a bit daunting, especially when you may be asked to talk to someone in a call centre. If you are lucky enough to find someone helpful at your local branch, chances are that they will not be there in six months’ time.

That’s why, at Sapienza Finance, we are happy to help you with other queries over the life of the loan and deal with the bank on your behalf.

We can help you with many different aspects of looking after your loan including changing your direct debit payments, discharging or releasing a security property, obtaining a payout quote and changing your loan product. We will also call you from time to time, just to see if you are happy with the structure of your current finance package.

Some of the common loans we arrange and services we are offer are explained below:

Housing Loans/Construction Loans

If you are buying or building a home, then we can find you a loan to suit your needs. There are many different products, rates and variations to consider but we will explain all the options to help you choose the best product for your circumstances.

Residential Investment Loans

For those who wish to purchase a residential property as an investment, i.e. for rental income purposes, many finance packages are available to suit your income stream, with flexible repayment options of principal and interest or interest only. We can structure a package that fully utilises your existing equity.

Commercial Loans

A number of commercial loan packages are available from various financiers and can be structured using residential property for your benefit.

Business Loans

Whether it is to purchase an existing business as a “going concern” or to set up a new business, we can structure a loan to suit your cash flow and business needs.

Motor Vehicle Finance

For private or business use, we can arrange a motor vehicle loan at competitive rates. Customers can take advantage of flexible repayment options and can choose to have a balloon (lump sum payment) at the end of the loan term.
We will ensure your repayment plan suits your personal needs or the cash flow position of your business.

Equipment Finance

Most businesses need equipment or machinery to function and your business is probably no exception. We can arrange loans to help you purchase most types of equipment and machinery. Some of the many assets we have arranged finance for in the past include trucks, industrial printers, catering equipment and earth moving machines and many more.